Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gustav Cleanup

The worst of the shingle and pine tree limb debris field has been cleaned up. It has been piled neatly for the Parish workers to get once debris removal starts.

I was hopeful that it had quit raining from the storm but it continues to drizzle rain and be cloudy outside. The drizzle is contributing to my wet ceiling sheetrock and drips.

Today the goal is to locate the FEMA folks and sign up for a blue tarp crew to come and install one on my house. URS indicated they would assist where ever possible; however, this does apparently not include tarping. I've gotten emailed safety tips so I don't fall off my roof while I"m trying to tarp but no actual assistance yet.

There is power back on at the URS office in mid-town BTR. However, the surrounding area is still without power so traffic signals in the area are not functioning which leads to HORRIBLE traffic problems. It sounds like folks will be returning to several of the southern parishes today which will ease some traffic in BTR but not enough.

May I have save travels as I venture out to procure a blue tarping crew for my shingleless roof.