Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hurricane Ike and Beyond

A week has passed since the last post to the blog. Another hurricane has been felt in Baton Rouge, Hurricane Ike. Ike made landfall near Galveston causing tropical force winds from the south (a different direction than Gustav) and rain for about 3 days in the Baton Rouge area. I lost a few more limbs from the pine trees in the front yard. The limbs were broken during Gustav but had not yet fallen out of the trees. I took the ike photo before obedience class last Thursday as Ike was becoming south of the Louisiana coast as it moved westward in the Gulf of Mexico.

Today marked a major step forward in the master bathroom repair project - countertops, sinks, and tile. Last Friday the cabinets went in. The bathroom is looking nice, functional, and modern. Once the tile layer finishes, the plumber can do his part and then the electrician will need to come. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for the bathroom leak repair effort.

Meanwhile, the kitchen sink is still waiting on the part from Moen. Moen is now trying to FEDEX the part since the no-tracking-number first attempt was a bust. The blue roof is still capping Stately Warren Manor. The insurance company estimator has finished his part - >$20,000 worth of damage to the house from the storm. Last week I picked up the Hardie plank siding to replace siding pealed off during Hurricane Ike - the dogmobile had to be pressed into service as a pickup truck.

Last, but certainly not least, Xanadu Roth has joined the pups at Pebblemist. Tracey is enjoying her newest hound dog. Kazee, previously the baby at the house, has not easily given up her honored position but seems to be enjoying playing with her new baby sister. Xanadu is learning a sit command and to watch Tracey - both of which seem to be coming along nicely in such a young pup. We are looking forward to watching her grow as well as getting to train with her.