Friday, January 30, 2009

Obedience Update

Thursday night is obedience night. Grace participated in her advanced beginners class at 7:00 pm and worked a few Open exercises afterward. I'm most pleased with her stand for exam attempt from John Runnels last night. She wiggled but it was her best effort to date. Kay is suggesting that we get her steady on a sit for exam before she begins standing. Sounds like a plan. Somehow, following the obedience discussion, I agreed to let Kay lay a certification track for Grace on Sunday morning. Miss Glove-What-Glove? now needs to learn some article indication by Sunday AM. We worked on it last night when we got home and again this morning. She seems content to retrieve the glove so we can play tug with it. Please let her at least notice the glove on Sunday AM.

Bern worked Open exercises last night. He retrieved over a short high bar (YIPEE). His broad jump looked nice. He managed both his 3 minute sit and 5 minute down with me out of sight. He needs some work on his drop on recall. I have until May to get these skills going. The uphill battle was the dumbbell and we finally seem to have a bounding happy Bern on dumbbell retrieves.

Saturday we will track a little in preparation for Sunday. We will put Bern on an aged track and see how that goes.