Monday, February 9, 2009

Agility Practice

Tracey and I met at the agility field on Sunday afternoon to practice agility. We hauled out all the contact equipment, taller table, and set up a chute. We ran 6 dogs across/over/through this equipment plus several jumps along the way.

Bern did well on his turn... but he only did 10 of 12 weave poles the first time around. When I fussed and sent him through again he did all 12. I can't fuss during the agility trials and resend though.

Grace did great on everything except the weaves. She struggled with the closed weaves at the field. When I started standing a few poles from the end and encouraging her to weave towards me, she seemed to figure out that the competition set of poles at the field are related to the poles at home. This morning before I left for work we spent a few minutes on a set of 6 closed poles at home. She actually weaved all 6 poles with me walking along side. The light bulb is going off - she is starting understand that this is just another challenge for her that she can conquer. She seemed really proud of her herself when she realized that I just wanted her to weave down the whole set of poles. Hopefully, the 6 pole weave set concept will still be there at lunch today.

Tracey and I have decided that we want to try Susan Garrett's 2X2 weave pole training method. This method claims to get dogs weaving 12 poles in 12 days. Grace will likely be the first student of the method.