Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tracking Practice (and House Update)

The best news of today is that the exterior of Stately Warren Manor is looking more stately. The painters finished up painting today and seem to have cleared out. The new paint scheme is in grayish greens. I am pleased with the paint colors I settled on.

Several of us met at the McKowen ranch today to practice tracking. LCCOC will hold its tracking test there so we wanted to practice near the cows, sheep, and manure. It was windy - not Grace's favorite tracking weather. She looked awful. She wigged all over the track but miraculously found the glove. Oh my... we need to practice in windy weather some before the test.

Tracey brought Misty along so she could stroll in the fields for a bit. She will be 14 soon and totally retired from her agility career - meaning that she stays at home. Misty had a GREAT time out walking today giving us happy dog grins. We snapped some photos with my camera. I also snapped a few of Xanadu trying hard to reach the empty canned chicken container that had provided tracking goodies for Bern and Grace. The dogs sure had a nice time out at the ranch. I posted a few of the photos here for Tracey.

One last note. Last night I attended the Runnels School performance of Wizard of Oz. The part of Toto was played by Lillian (in Kansas scenes) and Khayenne (in Oz scenes). John had been working with both dogs to learn some Toto skills. Khay successfully pulled the curtain down exposing the Wizard of Oz. John felt this was the hardest skill Khay learned for the show. Several LCCOC folks showed up to support John and the girls. As always, the Runnels drama, music, and dog training departments did a great job with the musical production for the season.