Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Indoor Jungle Gym.. previously the dining room?

I guess I should mention that we started a new session of agility classes last night with Nedra. Grace did really well.. I need to install some steering in her still but she is much more comfortable doing "get out tunnel/jump/tire" than she was a few months ago. I switched dogs out after about 40 minutes because Grace was getting tired and Bern needed a turn. Bern was doing great until the resident cats at Don's Seafood next door the to the field decided to wander over and watch agility class. That was it for him... his concentration was no longer on agility.

The dogs stayed at the neighbors yesterday so the exterior paint crew could finish painting the brackets on the pergola and touch up a few more details. Exterior finished... interior repairs resumed today. Most of the work was completed in the two upstairs rooms (the master bedroom and the exercise room). Albert and Bobby moved onto the dining room repairs today.

There is now a second tower of even taller scaffolding in the dining room area. The staircase is now impassable unless you solely concentrating on not killing yourself walking on the very slick plastic sheeting that covers the carpet. The dogs are trying to decide if they should jump over or limbo under the new scaffolding since it is in their current travel space. So far nobody has careened around a corner at full speed and crashed into it head on... of course, getting traction on the vinyl floor/plastic sheeting does pose a pit of deterrent. Based on the current configuration of the staircase, I guess I'm sleeping downstairs for a few more weeks!