Saturday, April 25, 2009

ASCA Agility, Folsom, LA

Grace and I played at ASCA agility on Friday at the Polo Field in Folsom, LA. This was my first ASCA experience. There were 2 Gambler, 2 Standard, and 2 Jumpers runs for each class on Friday. The Gamble runs were more of a challenge than some of the AKC Novice gambles and were just a bit too far out for her. She struggled with the teeter on the Standard courses but tried hard to give me a set of 6 weave poles each time. Early in the evening we pulled out a Q on the first jumpers class. By Jumpers course 2 it was too dark and I crowded her such that we knocked a bar.

Michael Loftis was taking photos. Check out the novice courses for Fri.