Thursday, December 24, 2009

White [Out] Christmas... Blizzard Conditions!

I had been checking the weather before my drive to Oklahoma. It was expected to rain overnight Wednesday, continue to rain Thursday AM, and turn to sleet/snow for the remainder of Thursday. The weather guys were correct. It rained on the drive up. Christmas Eve found us under a Winter Storm watch... which latter become a Blizzard Warning. By mid-moring Christmas Eve it was pouring sleet. I think the high temperature was about 35 degrees F at 6:00 AM this morning... temperature dropped all day.

Bryan and Erica picked up Grandma and brought her the few blocks down the road (~1 mile total) for the annual Christmas Eve candlelight pancake/waffle dinner. We enjoyed our meal earlier in the day than usual. Opened gifts to/from Grandma (Lyric then happily played with the wrapping paper and bows).

We snapped some family photos around the Christmas Tree before loading Grammy in the car to take her home. Yes... it was still snowing and blowing outside. Yes.. there was a rather deep snow drift in the driveway and ice undernearth the snow. Long story short... it took the whole family, lots of Lyric's stash of kitty litter, and the kindly neighbors to get the van back in the garage. We are snow/ice bound for the time being. Snow predicted to stop by 10:00 PM tonight. The TV weather guys are saying that 6 - 10 inches of snow have come down across Norman.... more in OKC to the north of us. The OKC airport will easily have 12 inches before the storm ends.