Monday, April 12, 2010

AKC Agility, LCCOC, Baton Rouge

Our local LCCOC agility trial was this weekend at the arena on the LSU campus.  Friday afternoon was excellent dogs only followed by the Time2Beat demo.  Saturday both dogs ran all 3 titling classes.

Bern's runs on Friday and Saturday were great.  He struggled a bit the first run of the day both days (FAST).  He tried hard to weave all 4 times but never gave me a complete set of weaves.  By Sunday Tracey said he would be slow enough towards the end of the jumpers course I could run with him out the curve on the last 3 jumps - instead of thinking rear cross as he was flying through the end of the course I thought oh my this is not going to work (and it didn't since he flew right past me and missed a jump).  His standard runs looked great and we got several compliments.

Grace's first run on Saturday was FAST - a Q, 2nd place, and her novice FAST title.  She struggled with the teeter in Standard.  In Open jumpers she mashed all the spread jumps but tried to give me a set of 12 poles.  On both runs she was watch me more than watching where she was going.  I was hoping that we would be getting novice Standard Qs by now but we continue to struggle.  I think we will go play on Georgie's teeter on a few Tuesday evenings.

I've mailed off the Time2Beat demo data collection spreadsheet to AKC.  We raised $250 for LCCOC..

Lightfoot Livery was vending at the trial.  I bought Grace a few new toys and a new collar to go with her new tug leash from Tanya.  I had Tracey pick out a new floor mat for under the crates - we have worn hers out over the last couple of years.

No agility on Sunday - more moving of boxes to Meadowood.  At some point on Saturday I pulled a groin muscle and mashed the toenail on my big toe.  Oh my that made moving somewhat painful on Sunday.  Now (Monday evening) I'm on the mend but didn't feel like doing much when I got home from work today.

H1 is getting empty.  There was a crisis in the road in front of H1 this morning - broken glass all over the road.  The source of the glass is unknown - maybe the garbage guys since it didn't seem to be vehicle safety glass.  No broom, dustpan, or phone book for looking up the city maintenance dept phone number.  Unfortunately the glass was still there this evening - so much for the call to the city maintenance folks.