Friday, April 9, 2010

Obedience Training

Several of the agility folks had Thursday off and moved the equipment before the 5:00 pm scheduled load up at the LCCOC agility field.  Parker Arena was setup and ready to go before I left work.  Since we had the night off Tracey and I decided we needed to practice obedience since next month we have several obedience outings on the schedule.

Bern practiced the Open exercises.  He performed all the exercises correctly the first time with the exception of the drop... he took several extra steps.  We will work on "drop" before next month.

Grace is doing much better.  She is trying to wait before she scampers out after a dumbbell.  Any self control we can instill in her should spill over to other venues and the house.  Grace had better healing than during our previous practice..  Her drop, as usual, was better than Bern's drop.  We will keep working in hopes of "for credit" ring performances soon - until then we will play in wildcard.

Next week I want Grace to practice stays with Bern and Xan.  Tracey can leave and I can stay there with Grace.  I need to start leaving Grace for short periods  but I'm not sure we are there yet.  We need to practice a bit more with me there.