Monday, May 17, 2010

Busy Weekend

Saturday was a mercy mission to Monroe, LA to help out Marie - currently stuck in a wheelchair with her broken leg stuck out straight in front of her.  Marie has beagles and sibs and is a good friend of Tracey's as well as Xanadu's breeder.  I've been to her house before when we have been in Monroe for a show.

Tracey and I stopped by Wal-Mart once we reach Monroe to purchase Marie's grocery list.  We unloaded the groceries and worked around the house doing laundry, computer repairs, etc.  I brought my Gruene steamer for the kitchen floors.  There are several dogs so the floor in the dog space is a constant battle.  Both Tracey and Marie's dad, Lionel, were impressed with the floor steamer - I think both households are seriously thinking about buying one.

 Between rainstorms we were 6 of her dogs on the agility field.  When it was time to leave we loaded up Spirit , a littermate of Xan's, to bring home to stay with Tracey.  Spirit is in the front in the photo and Xanadu at rear on left - Riser, now living in Ohio, is missing from the litter photo.

Sunday morning I made a counter offer on the house.  As I write on Monday morning it is under contract.  So now I will need to finish getting stuff moved and the new house ready for the inbound furniture.  I found a new fridge I like at Lowe's but I think I'll purchase it after my checking account is refreshed with cash from the house sale.

Lastly but not least we managed to train some obedience this morning.  Everyone got a turn.  Bern has found his drop and lot his retrieve over high bar... need yummy treats for the next several days so he noodle will search for that exercise.  Grace is getting the concept of the Graduate Novice dumbbell recall - it ain't pretty but it is better than it was.  Teds wants snacks but is struggling with the concept of working for them still - it is getting better but at 14 years old he is set in his ways and is struggling to find attention for healing and coming front.  We have lots of work to do between now and the LCCOC trial but I think Bern, Grace and I can have our act together but the end of the month.