Friday, May 14, 2010

Teaching Assistance for Beginner Obedience Class

The house on Fairview has been shown at least 5 times.  The few offers I have had have been from folks who like the house but don't have the financial mans to purchase it at this time... why are they out shopping if they don't qualify for a mortgage?

Last night was Week 1 of a new set of obedience classes.  Tracey, with assistance from me, is teaching beginner obedience.  The class is over full with 20 students - some dogs are unruly with owners who don't know much about dog/pack behavior to other end of the spectrum where the owner is dog smart and Fido has learned several basic behaviors already.  I think we need to split the class in half...each of us may need to spend 1/2 the class session with those dogs who are off to a slower training start than the others... on a positive note at least there is tons of room for improvement.  Unfortunately lots of the owners in that group seem to be reserved folks so getting them excited about their dog may be tough... I don't see some of those folks playing with Fido during training.  Grace may need to demo her squirrel between training commands game.

Since the move to the new house Grace has developed a horrid case of the itchies... there is merle-colored dog hair everywhere.  Recently I have been spraying her tummy to help with the itch.  While I was spraying her this morning she threw up her breakfast.  She continues to not feel well and I'm not sure what to do except confine her to the house for a few days.  I plan on giving her a bath tonight.  To be followed by some out of the box thinking on my part.