Sunday, May 23, 2010

Teach for LCCOC this week

Wednesday night I taught agility.  I have one student again this time - Michele and Lucky Lucy.  After watching Lucy run it seems she has lots of Rhodesian Ridgeback in her as she reminds me of Joan's Tag running.

Thursday night Tracey and I taught beginner obedience.  We split the class into big and little dogs - we taught a skill and then swapped halves and taught the skill again.  It went much better with the smaller groups.  I think we plan to stick with this format.

Grace and Bern got worked some in preparation for the LCCOC obedience show some this week (not as much work as I had planned so there is room for improvement this week).

The house sale seems to have fallen through.  The home inspection found a few things and the buyer backed out because she wanted a perfect property (good luck honey find one of those!).  So I guess the house will go back on the market as soon as the official backout paperwork gets signed... the house has been off the market for a week and I won't see any money.  Darn It!