Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Found: Our Doggie Toenail Clippers

It was cooler last night after a feeder bands from Tropical Storm Alex provided some cooling wind and rain so outside we went.  All three dogs worked weave poles (Teddy has terrible weaves but wanted CHICKEN too so he wanted to try).  Bern and Grace were rusty on weaving but we have a few weeks to get weaving smoothly again.

While searching for another item I had "lost" in the new house I found the doggie toenail clippers this week.  With the cooler weather outside we trimmed toenails on the grooming table (a first on the grooming table which really helped).  Following toenails, there were a few bites of chicken left so I pulled the leather and metal articles out of the bag for Bern and Grace to "hold".  Grace will now retrieve and hold a metal article... Bern will hold a metal article if there is chicken coming as a reward.

There are fig trees in the reat of the new backyard.  The trees are covered with figs which are beginning to ripen.  Grace has discovered the figs.... she carried one in the house this morning to snack on.  I'm sure there will be some upset doggie tummies from too many figs if I don't get a fence up around the trees for the next few weeks.