Monday, June 21, 2010

Obedience Wrap Up and other news

Wednesday night in the sultry heat I taught week 5 of the 6 week agility session.  Officially it seems to only be spring, not yet summer, but it sure feels like summer outside.

Thursday was a final session with our obedience class.  Mike took pictures of everyone and even managed to get a class photo.  Tracey and I set up an agility/obedience combo course consisting of a jump, tunnel, tire, and numerous Rally signs that we had practiced in class.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the challenge and I was very pleased that the group stayed and watched each other do the class - even in the "summer" heat.

I have good news back on the house sales front.  The house inspection came back with just a few legit items and lots of picky little stuff so I offered some additional money and it was accepted.  Now for the appraisal and financing to clear their respective hurdles.

Saturday was an errand get my back worked on by Art day.  My back shifted a few weeks ago into a new spot and now I feel like a wimp!  By Sunday it was better and I moved lots of furniture and boxes.  On Monday I was on the Valium derivative and the bolsters.  I think I see lots of back exercises for me in the near future.  Hopefully I can make my road trip to Lake Charles to meetings this week for work.