Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Agility class went well on Wednesday night.  Lucky and Michele are making progress but it was hot and Lucky gave up toward the end of our class period (I don't blame her I would have too).  On Thursday Tracey and I met before our class to work dogs.  After we worked out dogs we put them back in our cars and turned on the AC.  By 7:30 or so it was cooling down and the rest of class was not miserable.  The students in our class are GREAT!  We will be try a big combo rally/agility course next week for our last class period.

Saturday morning I road along with Mike to Houston for his monthly work trip.  He promised me a trip to Ikea for the effort.  We spent the time driving with him rehearsing his assigned texts while I followed along on the script.  I think we made very good use of the time.  He has learned lots of material in a short amount of time.

In Houston Saturday evening, we ate at the Monument Inn situated on the Houston ship channel taking the Lynchburg ferries across the ship channel.  Check out the pictures of the area attractions on the restaurant's website.  Our dinner table was near the water front so the view was great.  While we were eating 3 ocean vessels left port headed out to sea and several tow boats with and without tows motored past.  After dinner we drove past the San Jacinto Monument (tallest monument column in the world) and the Battleship Texas.  As we were waiting on the ferry to cross the ship channel on our way back into town, an international car transport ship (NYK lines) passed in front of us leaving port.  We had a great time on our dinner outing.

Sunday morning was a trip to Ikea and then the drive back to Baton Rouge..  We stopped in Lake Charles for a pizza  at Tony's.  Mike hadn't had a Tony's pizza before so this was new for him.  Yummy food as always.

Of course with me trying to leave town on Saturday morning EARLY... an offer came in on the house late Friday night.  These buyers want the windows with the broken seals fixed... so EARLY Saturday morning instead of leaving town I was checking windows at H1 for broken seals.  After multiple conversations between Houston and BTR there seems to be a counteroffer in the works.  May this sales agreement lead to the sale of H1.