Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rain, Rain, Every Day!

Monday evening a microbust developed just east of Meadowood and moved over the house.  A co-worker living near here measured 2.9" of rain in his rain gage.  There was awful lightning which caused the power to cut out.  Because the storm was unexpected I had the oven going cooking custard and was using the computer.  The power was restored within 15 - 20 minutes so I restarted the oven to finish the custard and discussed rebooting with the computer (the computer was annoyed but I got it going again).

This evening we had a much lighter rain at the house but Troy is scheduled to mow tomorrow so no rain is good.  I was trying to move some mulch into the small pond that forms in the middle of the "agility field" as well as trim some low hanging branches.  Mike volunteered for poo duty.  We worked a few minutes in the rain and called it quits since it was getting dark. Its custard time!

There is at least one interested buyer in H1... I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  H1 was scheduled to be shown again this evening.