Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hattiesburg Trial Update

Tracey updated her blog... man was she busy handling dogs this weekend in Hattiesburg.  Impressive number of Q runs on her 3 beagles and 1 husky as well as Marie's 2 beagles and 1 husky.  Since I missed 2 days of the 4 day trial I only saw half the runs Tracey handled.  GO TRACEY GO... I believe all the dogs she handled at least came home with one Q - some like Spirit with several.  Spirit came home with her first agility title(s?) - for her laid back attitude that beagle really seems to love to run agility.  Tracey handled  Marie's older agility beagle Storm to her first double Q and added a second one before the trial ended.  The picture spread on her website is impressive.

The trial photos taken by the professional photographer are being uploaded to the furry fotography folks website.  Thursday trial photos are up (I saw photos of beagles and huskies I know and love) but I'm anxious to see photos from Friday and Saturday.  This was probably Bern's last trial unless 36" weave pole spacing for old dogs gets adopted by AKC in the next few months (not!).

The Over Come Agility Club equipment from equipment builder/vendor Mark has made it to Tracey's carport.  Some of the new equipment will be moving to the workshop at Meadowood Ranch for storage.  I should probably get out there and throw a few of the inherited unwanted items away before more items move into the building.