Friday, August 27, 2010

A Break In the Weather... Planning for Fall

The weather has cooled (YIPPY!).  It is actually pleasant in the morning and much cooler than scorching in the evening.  Tracey and I still broke a sweat putting together the 24 wings of OCAC's new 12 aluminum wing jumps from Mark's Agility Equipment.  The wing jumps and tunnels are now stored in the Meadowood Ranch workshop.

Last night was obedience night at the house:

  • Bern would have come home with a Q in Open at it been a trial... lovely exercises first time every time.  Tracey has had faith that somewhere in Bern is a CDX title.  I hope he can find his first leg soon.
  • Grace was very bouncy for her Graduate Novice practice.  We are still working on stays and consistency but I was very pleased with her attention and excitement - mostly for the yummy treats I had but we tried to keep it happy.
  • Teddy practiced some CGC moves and then clamped down on my fingers.  He is so going to learn to catch food treats or I will be out of fingers before he gets much training.  He stays in a sit better than a down.  I may sign him up for Robbie's class... let the old dog learn a few new tricks.

With the weather cooling, I'm planning for some outdoor agility training here at home.  I have ordered an aluminum teeter from Mark and a lightweight 12' practice tunnel (NTI Global is having their summer sale so it was only $126).  Clean run is sending PVC fittings and jump cups to make Grace a 20" AKC double and triple jump... since we only need the one height I'm just making two single height home practice jumps.