Sunday, August 29, 2010

A herding we shall go...

The weekend started with a herding/agility lesson on Saturday morning.  Linda thinks Grace is doing better.  I need to keep working with her but there is definite improvement.  She was very good with the sheep and we made some progress in agility with handling her at a distance (very small distance for now).  Linda and I are trying to decide about enter the Deep South trial this fall... will she or she not be able to do the outrun?  Our lesson plan for next weekend includes trying said outrun!

After the lesson we put Grace up and played with Summer, Linda's 5 1/2 month old Borzoi puppy.  I helped hold Summer and Linda went to the other end of the tunnel and called her through.  Summer is cute and almost as tall as Bern.  Very friendly puppy... she was happy to let me do a conformation exam including her teeth.

Saturday afternoon I went to Vernon's hardware.  The guys cut several pieces of PVC for my jump building project.  Unfortunately the store was closing at 3 on Sunday when I went back for more pieces.  I'll get the pipe at lunch one day this week.  Instead I went to Lowe's and bought a few fittings and other items I needed for the house.  I did buy a couple of large hose hangers that are rated for 50 lbs for holding the agility tunnels I now am storing for OCAC.  I also purchased a 4 wheel dump garden cart.

After unclogging one section of the roof guttering Saturday evening, I did a few minutes of "obedience" work inside the house with everyone for cookies before bed.  I had all 3 dogs out at once.  Bern and Grace are doing better about letting Teds have a turn - Teds worked stays and downs.  Bern and Grace worked on utility signals as well as drops.

I took time this evening to view the Furry Fotography photos from Hattiesburg AKC in August.  In Standard on Saturday Bern was his usual slow self coming out of the chute... the photographer had shot several border collies running just before Bern.  The two photos series taken of each dog shows just the head and then the whole border collie exiting the chute.  In Bern's case we get... wiggling chute...and yet more wiggling chute.  No sign of Bern anywhere.  There is a nice chute picture of Grace.  Because that was Bern's last show I've email the photographer about a collage or photo spread.