Thursday, September 2, 2010

Agility Equipment ... now at the Ranch

Our practice tunnel and package from Clean Run arrived today.  The jump cups from came in yesterday.  Vernon's needs to cut jump uprights and a few more jump bars.  Mark of Mark's Agility Equipment is making me an aluminum teeter.  Tracey and Mark have solved the short winged jump issue for USDAA jumps... we will be selling the 32" inches as practice jumps to folks and ordering replacement 36" jumps for the trial... I am buying 2 of the spiffy winged practice jumps.  Georgie gave me some tire forming hints for our tire jump - that is really the last major piece that I plan to construct for now.  My goal is to get this group of equipment put together this weekend.

New obedience classes start tonight.  Teds and I are planning on taking the CGC class.  Bern and Grace will keep practicing for the upcoming obedience trials... My my was Bern rusty last night with the dumbbell...needs lots more practice before Mobile.  Grace is bouncy but looking pretty solid for a Q in graduate novice... we are also working her stands for wildcard novice.  She and I need to practice those Rally Exc signs also as she is almost ready to be an honor dog!

I'm making the annual round of doctor appts during late Aug - early Sept.  The first of the blood tests are back.  It seems my blood Vit D level is still low...that is what I get for spending my time outside when it is NOT daylight.  The new GP is running tons of blood tests... hopefully she can help me get everything balanced out right.  She has already added to my daily supplements trying to help with the chronic mid-back/shoulder aches and stiffness without doping up on pain meds.