Monday, September 6, 2010

Unhappy Faces

Saturday morning was a herding lesson for Grace.  Dottie and Ivy were there too along with a border collie puppy friend named Callie who wanted to see sheep.

Next was a trip to Vernon's to get PVC pieces while the store was open.  I can now finish most of my agility equipment construction in progress.

Monday was labor day so I decided to labor.  Everyone got a bath... you can see by the unhappy faces how thrilled they were.
The furry fotography folks from AKC Hattiesburg have made Bern a folder (thanks Joanne). It will make putting together a collage easier.

The 3 day holiday weekends zoom by way to quickly.  I have tons I still want to do before I go back to work tomorrow and I'm running out of time... okay off to check on the dryer as one of the crate mats I'm washing is off balance and the dryer is doing a rumba across the floor!

Happy Labor Day!  I hope everyone enjoyed their last bit of summer.