Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas... somewhat out of order this year

I drove to Oklahoma on Thursday.  Niece Amber was still not 100% when I made it home.  Her fever was still elevated.  My sister Janet and I shopped for groceries and wrapped a few remaining gifts on Friday.  The annual candlelight Pancake dinner on Christmas eve was postponed until Amber was feeling better and Grandma could join us.  We hope to have this traditional Christmas eve family meal on Monday evening!

We finally got Grandma over to the house on Sunday, the day after Christmas for a meal and gift exchange.  Family here seems good but busy.  Amber is playing her clarinet in marching band and concert band while she picks up her sax for jazz band.  Erica is playing basketball on her 8th grade school team as well as a competitive team or two.  I was surprised that Erica was not taller than me yet.... she is till growing taller so I'm sure she will overtake me soon.  Janet and Bryan are working and shuffling kids to activities since neither niece is old enough to drive yet.

Later on Sunday we attended Cirque du Soleil Alegria in OKC.  The show was fabulous.  The engineer in me was fascinated with the stage itself and the costume design.  The musician in me loved the small pit band including great drumming (bottom picture) and the female vocalist (2nd picture below).  And the kid in me loved the various acts that performed.  If you get a chance to see the show live go -  Alegria is worth the ticket price.