Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Winter Solstice

Yesterday was Dec 21, the Winter Solstice or shortest day of the year.  The day started with a full lunar eclipse around 2:00 AM - my eyes were not focusing real well but I got up to view it none the less.  It was 400 years ago when the lunar eclipse last fell on the Winter Solstice so it was worth getting up to see it since I don't think I'll be around when the next one happens in another 400 years.

I took the day off from work to do some holiday baking and pack for going home to Oklahoma for Christmas.  My trip has been delayed because there is a virus causing very high fever making its way through my sister's family.  Janet thought it best I hold off on my visit for a few days.

We got an email at work on Tuesday stating that a co-worker had been given a probable diagnosis of whooping cough.  Oops my tetanus/pertussis/etc booster was out of date (>10 years) since the last one I had was the night of the train wreck in 1999.  So my first agenda item for Wednesday was a trip to the doctor's office for a booster shot.

Troy mowed the yard yesterday so the sticks and poop where removed from the backyard before he mowed.  With the agility field at Meadowood Ranch in fine shape I took Grace out to practice weaves.  She is driving forward nicely.  It seems I need to really drive forward if I'm running along side them now so she keeps her speed up.  We need to work on my handling speed as she runs instead of walks the weaves.

Bern then went out to the driveway for obedience dumbbell practice.  His first post-tooth extraction dumbbell work.  YIPPEE.. he grabbed it up first try.  I asked him to only bring it 3 times using a very informal toss twice and one stay while I throw.  He looked really good so I think Alexandria at the end of January is a go for us.

This week Michele and Sheryl set up a Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) 2010 World Championships Jumpers Course at the agility field.  Nedra sent out an email to gather up a practice group.  Grace and I ran the course twice.  Grace did really well but still needs a little bit of practice on cues for tight turns, of course most of her problem is likely my signals and timing.  I was pleased with our efforts.  Georgie gave some "flip" training pointers so I think we need to practice "flips".  That course was very twisty and full of flips... but it seemed very flowey at the same time.

The holidays are just around the corner.  The house is decorated.  My shopping is finished.  My gifts to others are wrapped.  The only Christmas-related item left to do is to send a letter with my address change info in it  to the extended family so their next cards next year will make it to Meadowood Ranch.

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday!