Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Personal Christmas Gift to Me

I met my end of year goal today.  I finally unpacked the last boxes from the move.  After the move, I began to unpack only to quickly realize that the bookcase in the den needed to be relocated after yet other furniture was shuffled.  The other furniture has all been shuffled, the bookcases relocated, and the last of the books unpacked.

I really like the re-arranged den area.  It seems a much more inviting space to me now.

Michele and John Fry came by this afternoon and toured the house.  We chatted a bit about teaching beginning handler/dog teams in agility.  She is applying her school teacher training and developing lesson plans.  I know how she feels as I've developed lesson plans for obedience and have already started on some agility handouts/plans for this new agility class I'm teaching.

The downtown pilgrimage was tonight.  It was the first pilgrimage I haven't played handbells at First Methodist in several years.  So I sat on the 2nd pew and enjoyed the music.  Lamar has embraced the bells - they had great music and were featured in 2 songs.  I made the first 2 stops on the pilgrimage, hung around at church and chatted with several folks, and then walked over to Judy's to visit.  It was a pleasant evening.

Back at home I'm now going to test out the new furniture arrangement in the den and watch a movie borrowed from Tracey - Four Christmases.  Yeah for finally finishing the move!