Monday, February 21, 2011

AKC Agility, New Iberia... and more Weekend

This weekend was AKC agility in New Iberia.  On the onehand we were consistent... NQ NQ.  Grace continues to struggle with 2 things... the weaves and knocking the first jump.  Then a bad handler move caused a knocked bar in standard in the middle of the course.  It seems I'm crowding her in the weaves so I will work on my handling from farther away this week.  I tried not to crowd her on the second run and she did a clean set of weaves.  Grace ran very happy and accurate for both courses.... I'll post her course times when they come in this week.

Sunday morning was playing English handbells at FUMC (both services).  The afternoon was spent doing work in the backyard.  The 3 old rotten benches got hauled to the curb for disposal.  A platoon of volunteer oak trees ranging from 4" to 24" tall were dug along with some other extraneous shrubs in strange places.  I also pulled out, untangled, or clipped loose a polycart full of prickly vine from a few of the azeala beds.  I have splinters in my fingers and a scratches on my arms to show for my efforts... the beds looked better where the work was completed.

The dogs found small snake (~15" long) on Sunday.  I rescued it oncee by tell Grace to drop it... suprisingly she did.  I thought the snake would make a run for Dr. Sander's yard next door.... wrong.  Bern found Mr. Snake a few hours later still in our yard.  Mr. Snake was then laid to rest in the polycart.

For dinner I fired up the grill and cooked out last night grilling chicken breasts and mixed veggies.  The weather was perfect.  It was really hard to go back inside after dinner...and admit a wonderful weekend had come to an end.