Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wednesday... Overbooked but happy

This week I was double-booked on Wednesday night.  I'm filling a slot for the Woodland Ringers while Shanna takes maternity leave.  Rehearsal went great and then I dashed off to teach my Intro to Agility Class for LCCOC.

Hurray for great students.  All 4 dogs in my class are doing wonderful.  During Week 3 class, all 4 dogs will run through fully extended slightly curved tunnels, bang the training teeter on the 3rd setting from the bottom (week 3, 3rd setting!), and plow through the chute with the cloth rolled up a tiny bit (that is WITHOUT me holding it open for them).  I am so impressed with these dogs and handers.  Hey we even tried 3 jumps in a row last night... it was too much for a few of the dogs but the handlers felt like they were doing real agility.  Their weave poles still need hours of starter work but I'm even seeing the weave pole light bulb glowing a bit (very dimly but that is to be expected at week 3) in all 4 dogs now.  What a fun class to teach.

After class I helped Tracey load up the Overcome USDAA contact equipment.  It took lots of wiggling, repositioning, and a few "4" letter words (darn, shoot, and dang) to get the equipment "secured" on the trailer.  She promised to not drive like Mario Andretti on her way down Bend Road (which does indeed resemble its name).  Next we need to gather up items at her house (doubles, triple, chute, broad jump, and tunnel huggers), the Overcome equipment in the Meadowood Ranch workshop, and my new aluminum teeter.

Grace and I have practiced her weaves several times this week.  She ran a very fast very accurate set of 12 poles yesterday.  May her muscle memory serve her well these next few weekends.  This weekend we are off to play AKC agility in New Iberia.  We follow that up with USDAA the following weekend in Baton Rouge.