Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We Were Under Course Time...

Brenda emailed the results from this past weekend.  Grace made course time on both runs so this continues to be improvement:

                Open Standard - 20 Inch - Judge: Christin Dewey
                Distance: 163 yards SCT: 67 seconds
                Eliminated Time: 53.56 seconds

                Open JWW - 20 Inch - Judge: Christin Dewey
                Distance: 150 yards SCT: 43 seconds
                Eliminated Time: 41.32 seconds
I forgot to mention that Grace practiced tracking on Saturday as well.  I laid her a track around 10 AM and she ran it about 2:00 PM.  She located all 3 articles and didn't struggle much at any turn.  I put her harness on too close to the flag and she struggled at the start.  Hopefully we can get in another practice or two at the start flag before the test date.  So far it looks like there will not be a draw for TDX tracks but the trial has not closed yet.