Monday, February 14, 2011

Gorgeous Weather Comes!

This past weekend was great weather.  Temperatures in the mid 60s and sunshine... much improved over last week.  Friday afternoon I spent a few minutes before it got dark doing yardwork.  I resumed my activities for a short while on Saturday morning.  When it warmed up a bit Grace and I headed out to Ms. Linda's for a lesson.  Grace's flatwork in agility is improving but her weaves are still horrid.  Then she spend a few minutes moving the sheep and staying "out"... it went well be we wore her out before we let her see the sheep so she was too tired to harass them too much!

To follow up Grace and I spent time going over the exercises from Linda's again on Sunday afternoon - one jump rear crosses and driving through the weaves.  I'm continuing to see improvement.  Grace's attitude is generally great she continues to be over enthusiastic and frantic.

Just a bit more yardwork was completed on Sunday.  But I ended spending more time shopping for groceries and putting them away than I want to admit but the pantry is much better stocked now.  I started on my meal planning mission as well as compiling recipes so overall this aspect of my life is getting simplified.

On to tackle those pesky income taxes....did I mention the weather was really perfect outside?