Friday, February 11, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away...

Agility class was cancelled again this Wednesday night.  It was cold and rainy.  There was a chance of sleet and snow overnight.  At the current rate of incliment weather Wednesdays I will not get my 6 classes session in before I leave for New Zealand in mid-March.

While I've been stuck in the house this week I started compiling my easy to fix Specific Carbohydrate Diet  (SCD) recipes into a single location.  I've decided I need to compile it in book form so I can share it with others like my sister who cooks for Mom, also on the SCD.  I'm creating and/or gathering together SCD complient 5 ingredient/10 minute recipes.

I had someone who can help supply labor come by and look at my overgrown garden beds today.  He agrees with me... cleanup and then consider replacement plants for select locations.  Scott also thought that maybe I could extend the fig tree beds in the back and plant veggies there.  That area is getting more sun than other parts of the yard.  None of the beds should take more than several hours to clean each... it is just when you multiple a few hours by a bizillion beds then the number of manhours of labor becomes a mountain to climb.  I think I have a plan for this weekend so I will start in one corner and work my way out.

If the weather holds up Grace and I should get some good training time in too.  I watched Susan Garrett's Success with Just One Jump DVD #1 this week.  She has some great training drills for focus on the equipment and line that I want to try.  I hope these will help Grace be less handler movement obsessed...not likely but I can always imagine.