Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter Weather... finally a break

Last week the weather was very Winter like. It was in the mid-20s for lows and freezing drizzle came with the cold air. Agility class got cancelled as did several planned walks in the neighborhood for the dogs.

With the inclement weather we did indoor training...mostly obedience. Grace tried our her new tied down article board I made her. She is still frantic grabbing an article from the pile and bringing it back to me. She will happily search around the living room in the dark to locate the scented article. However using her nose to locate a scented article when she can see them hasn't transferred. I'm trying the tie down method....Grace is trying my patience!

I'm feeling much more settled in the house now - the den has finally come together.  The new entertainment unit is put together and in the den now. There is still furniture to donate that need to be moved to the garage but overall the den is much improved. The TV is mounted about 10-12 inches higher on the new furniture piece which seems to be a better viewing height. Yeah for sales at Crate and Barrel.

I still need to hook up some music in the den.  It isn't for a lack of speakers as there are 2 huge speakers built in to the entertainment center at the west end of the room and I brought over 4 speakers from the other house... somehow the den needs to end up with a working stereo system.  For now the DVDs will play using the TV speakers which work fairly well.

On the mindfulness front I have managed to eat fairly well this week...ate lots of home cooked food.  I walked a few times despite the weather.  Today we made it down to the park and around the 1/3 mile walking trail and back to the house...the WHOLE pack including Teds.  I'm doing my back exercise tape to get my back ready for the umpteen jillion hour plane ride to New Zealand in March.  With an eBay win of a used Punxsutawney Phil beanie baby we are celebrating Groundhog  Day a few days late at Meadowood Ranch.

Happy Belated Groundhog Day!

Now that the inside of the house is taking shape I'm starting to tackle more of the overgrown planting beds. Meadowood Ranch has no shortage of planting beds and they are all in need of attention. Some of the beds I think I would like to have removed as they don't have anything in them and would be easier to keep if Troy could just mow more grass  However there is one bed in the front yard that is in a sunny location but needs lots of attention. I would like to rework this bed for vegetable gardening.  I started today and hope to post after photos next weekend.

Garden Plot... Not!