Monday, February 28, 2011

Success @Class, @USDAA, and @Home... Staying Balanced

Once again class went great on Wednesday night.  My student handler/dog teams all ran through competition legal chutes with no assistance.  We then moved on to full length straight, S-curved, and U-curved tunnels with equal success.  Their dog walks, teeters, and A-frames are also improving.  We are working weaves each week with better success but very little comprehension from any of the dogs.

There was azalea bed cleanup assistance from Scott's dad this week.  He pressure washed brick and trimmed some of the beds back.  Troy mow/mulched on Friday.  The combined efforts of everyone working in the yard is making a huge visual improvement.  The magic valve to work the faucet along the east side of the yard has been located... one faucet needs repair before the faucets can be used to water the planned veggie garden.  My gardening goal for this week is to cut back the fig trees and remove non-fig items growing in the fig beds.

Friday I picked up the USDAA judge and headed to Parker.  All the equipment was loaded on the Roth trailer and truck.  The trial was a success... very few problems.  As usual the USDAA folks were quick to jump in and help with the trial.  Student works were "working" as ring crew.  All equipment that belongs to me or is stored at my house has been returned to their appropriate locations.  I just have the normal crate mat laundry to do as well as hose out a few tunnels to help the club.  I only have one set of reading glasses and glasses case that remain unclaimed in the lost and found.

Grace had a wonderful weekend.  I believe she was 4/6 on sets of 12 weave poles this weekend.  She came home with Qs in P1 Gamblers (Leg 2), P1 Pairs (Leg 1), and PII Jumpers (Leg 1).  If I hadn't done a @#$%* handler maneuver which caused a 5 point fault for a knocked bar we would have a Q for Performance Speed Jumping (Steeplechase).  I know what I need to work on for our next agility trial... on side weaves and no smashing the 1st jump bar.  Next USDAA is in May in Texas....Tracey plans on attending 2 trials and I would like to be there to see Josie and Kamikazee both finish their ADCH titles.

My vacation to NZ with Linda P and Gillas M is iffy after the earthquakes there... rental cars and hotel rooms may not be available.  Linda to check on this during the week.

This weekend I'm off to Clemson for an NCEES PE exam committee meeting.... duty calls!