Friday, April 22, 2011

Edible Landscaping...Raised Bed Garden

Location of the to-be-constructed (fruits and veggies) edible raised beds
The aerial view from Google Earth shows the backyard of property.  The circle represents the location planned for the vegetable garden.  A ground view of the area is show below:
Location Selected for  Raised Bed Edible Garden
In the center of the photos is a fig tree (and a second farther back to its right).  I have visions of a blueberry hedge along the back fence where the overgrown bushes are now.  This sunny garden area will soon have a  composting station, easy access to the workshop (electricity if needed), and a water source.  There is a water faucet in the fig tree bed.(okay... bed is a polite term for the tangled mess under either fig tree).  I purchased composite lumber from Lowe's this week from the clearance bin for constructing a raised bed or two - many thanks to Tracey for providing pickup truck and lift assist.

Front Landscape Bed - Minus Landscape!
Now I'm reading up on perennial vegetables since, once established, perennial vegetables such as asparagus will produce during multiple growing seasons.  I want to utilize these along with fruits and berry plants.  I'm not sure I have room for a nut producer such as a pecan tree as I would want to plant it in the non-dog area (the front yard).

I want my edible garden to be neat and tidy.  I like EG's gardenDaphne's garden, and Laura's garden as they are all neat and orderly.  But my psyche is cringing at  putting in new beds when the house is surrounded by a continuous foundation bed that is no longer "landscaped" in several sections .... unfortunately these beds are under the 3' foot roof overhang so they don't get full sun.  Sadly they are also overgrown with liriope which needs to be removed.  I'm working on a plan for non full sun options such as edible shrubs and patio-size fruit trees for these beds.

Landscape bed wrapping behind garage and store room