Monday, December 12, 2011

Early Christmas in Oklahoma... Pete Moves Back Home with Mom

Grace (left) helps Mom eat her breakfast while Pete lies on sofa
Grace, Pete, and I were in Oklahoma last week for Mom's 9-month  fractured vertebra checkup.  Mom's doctor decided based on her MRI and extension/flexion x-rays of her C2 vertebra that her neck was stable.  She no longer needs to wear her neck brace.  Great news!

While visiting I attended nieces's symphonia concert and basketball games.  I had a great time attending the activities - so fun to spend time with Janet's family.

Erica in NHS black at center court for tipoff
While I was in Oklahoma we went ahead and celebrated Christmas with our usual pancake candlelight dinner.  I was given some fit paws and balance disks for the dogs and yoga blocks for me.  Janet also gave me a trigger point self  massage book.  I'm anxious to test out all my new stuff!

Mom wanted to give taking care of Pete a go so Grace and drove home without him. We are missing him at MR but know that Mom is excited to have him back.

While I was staying with Mom, Susan Garrett's Recallers 3.0 online course started.  With no wifi service at Mom's house, Grace and I are behind a week on our games/lessons.  L:ater this week we are doing obedience in Jackson, MS so I'll likely not get totally caught up this week.