Friday, March 9, 2012

AKC Agility, Monroe, Louisiana

Grace earns her OJP title - 1st place
Our weekend in Monroe was good.  On one hand I'm disappointed at our 25% Q rate in JWW and Standard and Grace's side bails off the teeter when it started to tip.  On the other hand, I'm thrilled Grace is trying to weave fairly consistently now, she tried the teeter three times (2 standard, 1 FAST), and she is herding me less.  Our runs were all under course time.  Our videos are posted for the weekend:

Her JWW Q run this weekend was timed at 3.4 yards/second (no restart on the weaves she scored a 100).  The Q in Open JWW earned Grace her OJP title so she has moved up the Excellent A JWW.  I would love for her to get her  master titles before she retires in a few years.

Spice traveled with us to Monroe.  Tracey had 2 Sibs and 3 beagles with her.  During the weekend Spice discovered she could play with Kayak, the Sib puppy.  He is bigger than Spice but they had a grand time.  Spice also play with 2 adult Sibs (Kazee and Crystal).  The beagle girls are still a mystery to Spice - she is not speaking beagle yet.  Now Spice is less reactive in public; however, she still barks and dashes at bouncy dogs such as JRTs, Boston Terriers, and young BCs.

This week we are getting ready for the tracking trial.  The weather looks iffy on the rain/thunderstorm front and it will be warmer than Bern or Grace would like.  I'm working on taking some hair off of Bern - he got brushed with the undercoat rake and pin brush last night along with some feather trim up.  I'm planning on a bath and using the clippers to shorten his general coat length before Sunday AM.

Spice is working indoors on obedience type work as well as learning sit/down stays.  I'm not sure she will be ready for rally by Memorial Day Weekend (our local trial) but the girl is smart so she might just pull it off.  I'm  amazed at how much she has improved over the past couple of training session - the light is flickering now about training.  Give her a month and the flicker should be a torch leading the way to great performances to come.

On the home front, it has been a truly weird week.  Several odd events have occurred (only two noted here):
  • A bottle of fiber tablets bought at Wal-Mart had been unsealed when I took the lid off at home (those have been replaced!)
  • Paulette, the ever faithful and shows up early housekeeper, didn't make it to clean Tuesday and didn't answer her cell phone.  Then she missed cleaning a friend's house on Wednesday.  We were seriously checking the obits in the paper.  She was only ill with some nasty flu bug and is on the mend.
My left eye is giving me fits again,  I must have eaten something loaded with corn (lightly HFCS) which triggered an allergic reaction.  The eye is on drops but not recovering as quickly as I would like.  We are past the iris-itis stage that was very painful but the eye is still not 100%.  Dr. Breaud, a retina specialist,  says come back in another month.  Meanwhile I see cool patterns of lights roll around the retina - the light strobes must be a side effect of the drops as Dr. Breaud seems unconcerned about them based on the way my retina looked yesterday.  My left eye did this before several years ago - I find it most discouraging to be the youngest person in the doctor's waiting room.  Unfortunately when I was leaving a father had his very young son (age ~5) at the front desk getting the boy's eyes dilated prior to seeing the doctor - now I'm counting my blessings.