Sunday, March 11, 2012

LCCOC Tracking Trial, Folsom, LA

I'm slow getting this updated as I recently ran into some connectivity problems with Blogger.  But I think I have worked them out now.

The LCCOC tracking trial was March 11.  Neither Bern nor Grace finished their tracks.  Both started well and then detoured.  I think Bern tried to take his corner too early and wasn't sure of the human scent - so he followed an animal track instead.  Grace got blown off early but did a wonderful job of finishing once we got her back on track.  I've only seen one photo from the tracking trial which ran in the LCCOC newsletter.  Grace is tracking with a very tight line - good job on my part handling.  So we keep working on tracking.  Spice needs to learn to place this game as well.

Spare time around the house has been primarily spent outside building garden beds and planting the orchard (photos coming soon).  I've been a bit lack in training during the morning or evenings but I'm getting back in the routine of that now.  It only takes a few minutes every day to reap huge benefits.